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Tropical Leaves
David Gomberg




Greetings  NCS,
This page is private to you, but feel free to explore the site. Featured here are cartoons that have been published in magazines and/or nationally recognized online sites. Other cartoons are presented here so you can see my style and humor.  I also work in the field of illustration where I have done paid freelance for private clients. (material upon request). 

My cartoons have been published in Woman's World, Air Mail Weekly, and Weekly Humorist. Cartoons have also been purchased by The Wall Street Journal and Narrative Magazine which are awaiting publication. My cartoon "Pumpkin Pain" was voted top cartoon of 2021 by Weekly Humorist.

I ha
ve a social media following, Instagram @davidgomberg, as well as Facebook and this website  ( My cartoons have also been sold as prints and merchandise via my website. A selection of my cartoons are on CartoonStock for licensing or sale. 

About Me:

I'm an artist located in New Jersey. After studying Computer Science at Rutgers, my career was focused in the Tech Industry. I still pursued my creative works in cartooning, painting, illustration, and photography to keep the other half of my brain happy. That career allowed me to pull a lot of material into my cartooning endeavors, that's for sure. In 2020, I left that career to pursue my second act, cartooning. 


In the two years since 2020, my skills and style have evolved, hopefully for the better. I have received feedback from editors that they like my style. I like the single panel format for its ability to tell a concisely story. I like the multi-panel when I want to unfold a story in more detail or when it requires a bit more setup. 
Most of my work is in pen an ink. I also use a looser pen, washes and color. I am eager to learn and evolve.

About a third of my cartoons are caption-less. They are so fun for me. Of artists I admire, two that stand out are André Francois and Saul Steinberg. I like the freedom to create straight-up gags but also produce art and graphics that say something in a thought provoking or humorous way.


I would like to continue and grow the publication of my cartoons. I set my sights to be a regular contributor for the New Yorker Magazine. I'm so grateful and  happy now to be a working cartoonist in many outlets. I was happy that Bob Mankoff personally chose one of my cartoons "The Offering" for Air Mail Weekly. At least that tells me there's hope for me in The New Yorker someday. 

I sometimes make oddly funny videos and short animations. I'd like to find more outlets for these along with my illustrations and art.  I'm not ruling out an illustrated story book either.

Thanks for your consideration,




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