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About Me

I am a cartoonist and illustrator located in New Jersey. The rural area where I live is perfect for what I like to do in my off time, cycling. 

I have always been creating, be it drawing, painting, creating music, or building things with my hands. I also enjoy making quirky videos. I graduated with a Computer Science degree and spent a great deal of my professional career in the tech sector.  So I guess I had a good balance of left/right brain stimulation.

I felt a calling to immerse myself fully into the creative arts and in particular, cartooning and illustration. Cartooning seems to me the perfect medium to let my goofiness just "go".  My cartoons have appeared in Air Mail Weekly, Narrative Magazine, American Bystander, Woman's World, Weekly Humorist and elsewhere.

My illustrations are from my imagination or when commissioned, tailored to the client's needs. My works have been adopted by financial advisor firms, used in memoirs, and have appeared in art journals. When given free rein, my illustrations can include humor or unique visual twists. I like to layer themes and disjointed subjects to provide for unexpected viewing interest. Some of my work leans towards graphic imagery, with specific attention to imagery and text, thus carrying the viewers eye. 

I've studied at Bucks County Classical Arts Center and The Center for Cartoon Studies with additional concentration in Children's Book authorship and illustration. I am also a proud member of the National Cartoonists Society.

Thank you for visiting and interest in my work,



David Gomberg

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