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David Gomberg

About Me:

I'm a cartoonist and illustrator located in New Jersey. I live in a rural part of the state with my wife and my adult sons, Springer Spaniel, Lily and cat, Penny. My boys are venturing on their own journeys now so they are part-time tenants here. The area where I live is perfect for what I like to do in my off time, cycling. 

I didn't start out as a cartoonist/illustrator. After graduating with a Computer Science degree from Rutgers University, I worked in technology field across a number of different sectors and companies. Now that our boys have grown, I felt a calling to pursue the creative arts and in particular, cartooning and illustration. In 2020, I began that journey.

I must say that this untapped desire was always within me, in my blood. See, I come from a family of creatives. My father, Stan Gomberg, is a graphic designer who also did cartooning back in the day. His brother, an illustrator/graphic designer. Their father, an architect. And so on and so on. When I started cartooning, let me tell you, the feeling felt SO right. While I wished I had found cartooning sooner, I found it and I'm so happy I did. 
Since 2020, I have found my voice in this art form I truly love.

I'm a self taught artist. When I first started, my hands couldn't quite do what my mind wanted. Over time they kind of started to work together ! I'm always learning and I'm always inspired by the amazing talent of cartoonists that came before and artists that produce amazing work today. If I had to pick two cartoonists/artists that I truly admire, they would be Saul Steinberg and André Francois. 

My cartoons have appeared in Air Mail Weekly, Narrative Magazine, American Bystander, Woman's World, Weekly Humorist and elsewhere. Some pending credits will be listed here soon. My illustration work has been used by private clients, in such fields as the financial industry and elsewhere. 

Where you can find me

This website:
Instagram: @davidgomberg
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Where you can purchase my works

The store within this website has selected works. If you saw one on social media and it's not here, please fill out Contact Form and I will make it available.

Selected works can also be found at which also offers licensing options. 

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